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For those Agencies with a Civil Unit responsible for recording, serving and enforcing court orders or the variety of other documents issued by the courts, SmartCOP’s Civil Management System simplifies all steps of processing. Civil papers may include, but are not limited to, Subpoenas, Domestic Violence orders, Writs, and other Enforcement Actions

Key Reasons to use our SmartRMS Civil Management module:

✓ Simplified data entry and improved accuracy.

✓ Service Attempt Logs and Deputy Worksheets/Returns of Service.

✓ Highly configurable for additional paper types.

  • Seamless integration with SmartCAD, SmartRMS and all Master Name Index features.
  • Defendant/Witness tracking.
  • Automatic calculation of service fees and interest on judgments/fees.
  • Statistical reports to help manage department workload.
  • Security & Permissions limit access and actions that can be taken by users.
  • Simplified data entry.
  • Open/Closed report tracking.
  • Subject to Serve/Plaintiff tracking.
  • Service Attempt histories.
  • Distribution history and document tracking.
  • Configurable Agency information.

To Access SmartRMS Product Material and Related Resources: