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SmartWEB is the solution to providing media outlets and the public instant web access to live records. SmartWEB displays live Jail, CAD and Warrant Data.

Key Reasons to use our SmartWEB System:

Alleviate the need to produce Jail Blotter information to Bail Bondsmen

Advertise open Warrants and collect information from the public to aid Warrant Service

Save Agency manpower in fulfilling public notification requirements

Enable Citizens to initiate non-emergency, low priority offense reports

  • Allow the public to view Traffic Accidents, Traffic Delays or Road Closure information
  • Alleviate the need to provide Jail Booking, Charges & Bond information to Bondsmen
  • Redirect phone calls made to your Jail regarding visitation information from inmates’ families
  • Serves the public in delivering timely public information
  • Saves precious agency manpower in fulfilling public requests
SmartWEB Incident Reporting Module

The SmartWEB Incident Reporting module is a public portal to report non-emergency crime to the agency saving valuable officer time.  The agency can configure the crime types that they wish the citizen to be able to report.

  • Wizard based reporting of crime
  • Configurable by agency for crime types

To Access SmartWEB Product Material and Related Resources: