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Solutions for Consolidated Agencies

SmartCOP provides Consolidated Agencies with a proven, off-the-shelf and fully integrated suite of products. Whether your agencies are a combination of Law, Fire and EMS — or multiples of each type — you’ll find that our Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management,  Mobile CAD and AVL software, Mobile Reporting, Interagency Interoperability and Public Records Web Portal will meet your requirements.

As communities and regions pool infrastructure and seek to share information across multiple Public Safety entities, our solutions have leveraged the best technologies to ensure the same reliable, responsive and comprehensive feature set that we’ve provided for more than twenty years. Our scalable multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional solutions support implementations as large as thousands of Responders from dozens of locations.

SmartCOP is here to support the mission of Public Safety and promises to continue working to enhance our software, making it easier for you to protect our communities.

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SmartCOP Products for Consolidated Agencies:


Quickly respond to Calls for Service, optimizing the use of Law, Fire and EMS Resources as needed.


Record, index, track and report information, seamlessly integrating with NFIRS and ePCR


Create a Virtual Office, extending CAD, AVL and RMS functions to all of your First Responders.


Improve efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of Booking and Inmate Management.


Centralized management and configuration of  Multi-Agency, Multi-Jurisdiction, Multi-Tenant solutions.


Keep your citizens well-informed, providing media outlets and the public instant web access.


Simple, Cost-effective, Real-time data sharing between Agencies for full Situational Awareness.