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Software Solutions for Sheriff’s Offices

SmartCOP provides Sheriffs with a complete off-the-shelf and fully integrated suite of products. Our SmartSUITE for Sheriff’s Offices includes Computer Aided Dispatch, a Records Management suite, Mobile CAD and AVL Software, Mobile Reporting, a Jail Management System, Interagency Interoperability and a Public Records Web Portal.

SmartCOP has been providing comprehensive solutions for more than twenty years. Our products support your accreditation requirements, and are consistently updated as proven technologies and law enforcement philosophies evolve.

We support not just Law, but also Fire and EMS responder needs. Additionally, as is so often the case, we provide a true “multi-tenant” design that allows your Sheriff’s Office to provide CAD, RMS and other functionality to the Police Departments within your county.

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SmartCOP Products for Sheriff’s Offices:


Quickly respond to Calls for Service, dispatching Law, Fire, EMS or local PD Resources.


Efficiently record, index, track, report and analyze criminal and non-criminal information.


Create a Virtual Office, extending CAD, RMS, and Field-Based Reporting to your Deputies in the field.


Improve efficiency and accuracy of Bookings and Inmate Management.


Centralized admin and configuration, plus Training Records, Issued Property, Fleet and more.

SmartRMS Civil

Simplify and streamline Civil paper processing


Keep your citizens well-informed, providing media outlets and the public instant web access.


Simple, Cost-effective, Real-time data sharing between Agencies.

What Our Agencies Have to Say:

  • We are going through a national accreditation process and the assessors are very impressed with your software and the user's responses to questions about it... all applications. They mentioned that everywhere they had been, they heard great stuff about your software from supervisors and users: central records, jail records, civil warrants, during a ride along with a deputy, and here in IS.

    Jim Painter, Information Systems Director Monroe County Sheriff's Office, FL
  • CTS America has helped the Montana Highway Patrol to improve efficiency immensely by allowing troopers to spend more time on the road with less time hand-writing citations and doing other redundant paperwork. All troopers were able to learn the program quickly and easily due to the user-friendly interface. They continually express their appreciation of the system and the benefits it has given them.

    Col. Michael Tooley Montana Highway Patrol
  • We could not believe how easily we have adopted the new software. Because all of the modules have the same "look and feel", our Deputies could quickly master a new task. It was like once they knew how one screen worked, they could use them all. Not being afraid of something new really made our transition quick.

  • "Just wanted to let you guys know that mobile forms is the best software I have seen for Law Enforcement. I am using just about every application of mobile forms to include crash reports,offense reports, arrest reports, etc..I am in the process of training the other members of our agency on how to use these applications and the ease of use. Coming from a supervisor's stand point, it is great that I can check out reports for approval sitting in my patrol vehicle and not have to go to the office for this task. Mobile forms has made my life so much better in the field and when my computer goes down I almost feel lost. Just thought I would give you guys two thumbs up for a great product. Thanks for all the hard work and making our life easier!"

    Lt. Dale Evans Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, Florida
  • The relationship we have built with the people at CTS allows us to feel like this is a partnership, not just dollar bills for them. They constantly seek ways to improve the product, and our feedback genuinely seems to matter.

    Sgt. Julie Stone Madison County Sheriff's Office, AL